Tuesday 8 May 2012

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Blackberry Balance

Employees nowadays bring their own Mobile devices to the office and use them to access company resources like email, files and programs. This trend is called "Bring Your Own Device".  In such cases, the company saves the money that would have been spent on providing mobile devices to the employees, while the employees get to use their preferred mobile technology.

What appears to be a win-win situation is not so for the following reasons:
Companies struggle to manage and secure business information residing in/accessible through the phones.

To address these concerns, Blackberry has recently introduced Blackberry Balance ("work-life balance") technology.

Using this technology, IT Departments can set business rules to prevent copying of business information. Business data will not be share-able in personal apps and any attempt at violation will be detected and the employee notified. When the employee leaves the company, the IT Department will be able to remotely wipe all business information in the phone. Similar action can be taken when the phone is lost.

The announcement on the Blackberry website:

BlackBerry® Balance™ technology enables BlackBerry smartphones and tablets to be used for business and personal purposes without compromise.

Boost job satisfaction by supporting employee-owned smartphones
Offer greater BlackBerry smartphone choice flexibility to your workforce while retaining full control over business data security
Allow use of personal apps while restricting copy-and-paste functionality to prevent business information from being shared

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