Thursday 10 May 2012

Type in English and create Hindi/Kannada/Marathi Documents in Word

Here's an easy way to type in English and create documents in Hindi/Kannada/Marathi (transliteration) in MS-Word.  An advantage of this method is no font installation or additional software (other than Word and Google) are required. The receiver too can read it in Word without need for any additional fonts installation at his end.

(Government Departments insist on  correspondence in the official language of the State.Public Notices are displayed in Offices/Hospitals etc in multiple languages for public convenience or on account of the Official Languages Policy. For such requirements too this howto will be useful.)

1. Go to

2. In the language selection box (see red rectangle above), select the language (e.g. Hindi). Some other languages available are : Kannada, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, Bengali etc.

3.  For example, to get
in Hindi, you need to type Mujhe Bangalore jaana hai 
in the space below the language selection box in the Google Transliteration website. 

4.  Type mujhe and press the space key. On pressing the space key, mujhe is tranliterated into Hindi. Type all the four words and you get something like this:

(Notice that Bangalore (in Hindi) has not been typed correctly.) 

5. To rectify the spelling, click in the middle of the second word and you get spelling variations (see below):
Click on the correct spelling variation needed (4th word in the displayed list) and the original word is replaced. 
(Note: Try variations in English to get the other language word right (E.g Bangalore, Bengalore etc)
6. The above text is just an example. You can type several sentences and paragraphs. You can also transliterate into two languages simultaneously by selecting a different languages before typing: 

6. Next open a blank Word document.  Select all the text in the Google transliteration website, then right-click and click on Copy.  Click in the Word document, right-click and click on Paste.  The pasted text may look like this:

7. In the Word Document, press Ctrl + a (to select all text). Then, in the Home Tab, select the Arial Unicode MS font (see below). 

7. The text should now be correctly displayed as shown below. Save the document for printing or sharing. 

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